Tasty Sound Design, Music, Post-Production, Voiceovers etc. for Television, Radio, Web, Games & Film.

Best Fiends Forever

5 000 000 downloads in the first week! We made all the sound effects and character voices for this game.

  • Client: Seriously
  • Game Sounds: Bighouse
Michael Kors - Fall Favorites

Ronya's song "Great Escape" is featured in a Michael Kors ad. The track was written and produced at Bighouse.

  • Record Label: Cocoa
  • Music Production: Bighouse
Paulig Presidentti Origin Blend

A jungle scene with a familiar sounding voice from a classic nature program.

  • Agency: SEK & GREY
  • Music & Sound Design: Bighouse
Fazer Tutti Frutti - Get Frutti!

Things got Frutti (and weird) with this one...

  • Agency: Hasan & Partners
  • Music & Sound Design: Bighouse
Best Fiends

This is what Pandas do when nobody's watching.

  • Client: Seriously
  • Sound Design: Bighouse
Compass Point: West

Sound Design for the film and Next Games' logo animation courtesy of Bighouse.

  • Production Company: Talvi Digital
  • Sound Design: Bighouse

We recorded and produced a new version of the classic "Reissumies" theme, sung by Mikko Sipola.

  • Agency: SEK & GREY
  • Music & Sound Design: Bighouse
Fazer Lakritsi

A TV commercial that provides a glimpse inside of Fazer's liquorice factory.

  • Sound Design & Music: Bighouse
  • Agency: SEK & GREY
Nelonen Tripla

A live sketch show on Nelonen. The trailer shows the inner workings of a steampunk human factory that produces characters for the show.

  • Sound Design: Bighouse
  • Production Company: Front Desk